Monday, October 16, 2006

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Road, Dawes Point

Walsh Bay Cafe, Hickson Road, Dawes Point
Monday 16 October, 2006

Tonight we were off to see 'Fat Pig' at Wharf 1 for the Sydney Theatre Company. In recent times we have started dining at the Walsh Bay Cafe before the theatre (instead of the Sydney Dance Cafe, which we are very much over). Our last visit indicated mild improvements had been made with the Walsh Bay Cafe service and the food was very good. Without hesitation we returned.

The decor is basic, low tables and square block seats are comfortable for about the duration of your meal, any lingering will produce a sore bum. Strangely, there is one waiter scrambling around trying to hand out over-sized laminated menus, organise drinks, pick up meals from the kitchen and manage the takeaway clientelle all with a smile on her face and occasionally screaming in Chinese at the chefs in the tiny kitchen. It's just too much for one person and without fail something gives e.g. a forgotten meal, extra long wait for a dish, dishes going to the wrong table etc.

The food is very good and if you arrive early enough and move past the service - you will enjoy it. Tonight we ordered:

- Salt & pepper tofu - just delicious with a great blend of salt & pepper that was lightly fried
- Prawns with snow peas in XO sauce - not overly spicy but it has a great kick - the snow peas were crisp and tasty
- Yu xiang eggplant - eggplant cooked with pork mince - a brilliant dish over rice - the sweetness of the eggplant compliments the savoury pork

The food was excellent tonight and we savoured every mouthful. We'll be back when our next STC play is scheduled at the Wharf or Sydney Theatre.

Walsh Bay Cafe - 16A Hickson Rd, Dawes Point - (02) 9241 4365


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