Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Warrimoo Wood Fired Pizza, Warrimoo Road, St Ives

Warrimoo Wood Fired Pizza, Warrimoo Road, St Ives
Tuesday 17 October, 2006

I was staying in St Ives for few days and cooking was not high on the agenda. So, we scrambled around for flyers on any local take-away joints. We discovered a magnetised pamphlet from Warrimoo Wood Fired Pizza offering a wide selection of pizzas, salads, pastas and desserts.

The pizzas toppings are gourmet with a great selection of fresh, inviting offerings ranging from seafood, chicken, beef and vegetable. We poured over the menu reading each description several times before settling on the Yarrabung - prager ham, brie, mushroom, roast capsicum, thyme and sun dried tomato. Interestingly, the pizzas all come one size, there is no option for small, medium and large.

Warrimoo Wood Fired Pizza offer in house dining, take-away and home delivery. I called their number and ordered the pizza along with a rocket & parmesan salad and requested home delivery. Estimated delivery time 45 minutes and total cost $29.

At the bottom of their flyer is the statement,

"Please note: due to the popularity of our product we sometimes experience delays. Please be assured your order is freshly cooked and delivered ASAP."

Right on time their young delivery guy arrived. He was very courteous and handed me the pizza from the large insulated pizza delivery bag and the salad in a plastic container. We served up our meals and the pizza looks great - it was made on a thin base with bubbled edges and a wonderful mix of topping spread across the middle.

It was delicious - the mushrooms were fried in butter and served in abundance, the parma ham was sliced thin and brie was in chunks that had half melted. Altogether, it was cracking mix. The salad was also good - the serving was large which meant we had left overs for days.

The next time I stay in St Ives you know what I'll be having for dinner.

Warrimoo Wood Fired Pizza - Shop 2, 160 Warrimoo Ave, St Ives - (02) 9988 0577


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