Monday, November 13, 2006

Casa Asturiana, Liverpool Street, Sydney

Casa Asturiana, Liverpool Street, Sydney
Monday 13 November, 2006

Tonight we were in Liverpool Street at the Whitehouse School of Design to see the 3rd year students final show before graduation. It was absolutely fantastic - the creativity, design and flair these students displayed was just inspiring - the future of Australian fashion was on the catwalk.

After the show we walked back up Liverpool Street towards George Street. The last time I visited Casa Asturiana I enjoyed the variety of tapas so much I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to return.

As luck would have it, they had a table for 6 just inside the entrance. We'll take it. Menus all round we viewed the house specialties:

Pollo de la Casa - Fresh tender chicken breast, grilled then cooked with cream and white wine, served over cubed roast potatoes, the chef's specialty
Cazela de la Casa - Fresh fillet of fish, pimientos, clams & local mussels. All baked in a white wine & Spanish ham sauce
Fabada Asturiana - The traditional hearty Asturian bean stew. White beans, pork & chorizo are slowly cooked together with Morcilla-blood sausage, garlic, paprika & olive oil
Calamares en su Tinta con Arroz - Baby calamari cooked in its own ink with Spanish ham & onions served with jasmine rice
Paletilla de Cordero- Tender oven baked marinated whole shoulder of lamb, served with chips and garden salad, or jacket potato & salad

which all sounded very good however the tapas selection was too good to pass. So, we ordered a selection of:

Calamares Fritos - Fresh calamari, fried to perfection
Gambas a la Plancha - Fresh prawns from the barbecue accompanied with salt & lemon
Choriza a la Sidra - Spanish pork & paprika sausage cooked in cider
Gambas Picantes - Peeled prawns cooked in a spicy tomato & garlic sauce
Albondigas a la Asturiana - Delicious meatballs cooked in a savoury tomato sauce

plus one Paletilla de Cordero for our token male.

The service was very hit & miss - we were delivered the wrong wine which was opened at our table but thenretrievedd by the Manager, some of usreceivedd water and others missed out and despite the table ordering specific dishes it was just plonked in the centre or end of the table. However, plenty of laughs and good food make for a great evening wherever you are.

Casa Asturiana - 77 Liverpool St, Sydney - (02) 9264 1010


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