Sunday, November 12, 2006

East Ocean, Sussex St, Haymarket

East Ocean, Sussex St, Haymarket
Sunday 12 November, 2006

Another night....another concert. It wasn't supposed to be like this but both U2 and Kylie were postponed from their original dates and then both ended up on the same weekend.

We all met in Chinatown and on a whim decided to try East Ocean. Walking up the stairs you are greeted with a large open space and a sea of tables. Seated immediately, our jovial waiter Donald asked if we were going to Kylie. 'Yes' came our reply in unison.

We ordered Grandmother's beancurd, wasabi beef, salt & pepper calamari and steamed rice. A feast to give us the energy to dance the night away at Kylie. The beancurd was slightly different at East Ocean - it was prepared with lemongrass so had a lighter, tangy flavour instead of the red hot chilli that I love. The wasabi beef was unfortunately extremely mild and the meat was so incredibly tender. The salt & pepper calamari was good with a nice blend of salt & pepper.

Our waiter Donald provided us with some complimentary dessert - savoury sesame seed balls and almond biscuits. We polished these off so quickly that another plate was delivered pronto.

Kylie......what can I say - she was sensational on stage, the costumes, the dancers, the atmosphere and then Bono arrived. God, how lucky are we? Bono on Friday and Sunday night - someone is watching over us! Kylie & Bono sang 'Kids' together - the song Kylie made famous with Robbie Williams several years ago.

What a night.

East Ocean - 421-429 Sussex St, Haymarket - (02) 9212 4198


Anonymous chocolatesuze said...

aw dude you are so lucky to have seen kylie and bono! and the food sounds fantastic

1:53 pm  

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