Saturday, November 04, 2006

Steph's Italian Feast 2

Steph's Italian Feast 2
Saturday 11 November, 2006

After the success of last week's Italian Feast, I decided to continue the theme with a different audience. I modified the menu slightly after visiting The Deli, Potts Point. The Deli was recently awarded 'Business of the Year' in the Fresh Food / Grocery category by the Sydney Council and has a small but wonderful selection of antipasto, salads, jams, chutneys, bread, dips, cheese and cold treats e.g. gelato, ice cream etc.

My dinner buddies this evening were treated to:

Entree - Antipasto platter

- Green olives stuffed with fetta
- Pesto with Ciabatta bread

First course

- Duck, prosciutto & caramelised onion ravioli

Second course

- Swordfish steaks with lemon
- Green bean salad


- Fig and Toasted honey & walnut ice cream
- Almond biscotti with Nonna Angelo (1995)

The Nonna Angelo came from a wonderful vineyard outside of Lucca, Italy called Fattoria Cercatoia Alta. I carried this with me from Lucca on every train, bus and plane journey back to Australia (yes, it was worth it). Vineyard owner, Angelo had made this dessert wine to commemorate the birth of his first grandchild. Vintage Cellars came to the party again and were able to provide me with:

- Asti Spumante - Cora - Sweet Sparkling Wine produced in Costigliole D'Asti
- Maroltti Campi - Albiano - Verdechhio Dei Castelli Di Jesi - 2004

These were the perfect accompaniment to our Italian Feast.

Another success! Will it be three times lucky for Steph's Italian Feast?


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