Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cinque, King Street, Newtown

Cinque, King Street, Newtown
Wednesday 1 November, 2006

The last time I ate at Cinque I had breakfast for dinner - and loved it! Tonight we commenced a film course with Andrew Urban at DENDY Newtown, so for the next 6 or so weeks we will be dining in Newtown every Wednesday evening.

Cinque sits in a corner at the entrance of DENDY cinemas and offers tables inside and outside. It's very relaxed and the staff are hit & miss. The last time we visited we had a really attentive waiter who was on top of things, this time around all the staff had changed and we couldn't flag anyone down. When we did they took my coffee order and left, we had to call them back for menus & then again to order. Then, bizarrely, we were enjoying our drinks and the waiter appeared suddenly and asked if we were ready for our main meals. Absolutely, came our reply. Since when does a cafe ask if you are ready to eat? You order, you eat.

Cinque doesn't have it's own website but I located one description during my research,

"Cinque is a lively and unpretentious cafe in the heart of Newtown. Conveniently located right outside the Dendy cinema, Cinque is particularly popular for breakfast - dog lovers are able to park their pooches at the door and enjoy bacon and eggs within line of sight. Serving a good range of herbal teas, coffee and chai, fresh juices and light snacks, Cinque also has a hearty specials menu if you've got an appetite. The secret to Cinque's success is consistency: good, no-nonsense meals served by well-trained, attentive and cheerful staff."

Tonight we remained faithful and had breakfast - toasted turkish bread with ricotta, honey & cinnamon and banana bread with strawberry jam. Just brilliant.

We'll be back.

Cinque - Shop 1a, 261 King St, Newtown - (02) 9519 3077


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