Saturday, November 04, 2006

La Buvette, Challis St, Potts Point

La Buvette, Challis St, Potts Point
Saturday 4 November, 2006

My favourite Potts Point cafe is Yellow however I've always seen the crowds of eager diners at La Buvette and wondered what it was all about. Today, I was catching up with an old work buddy and we decided to try somewhere different.

La Buvette is a small spot located close to the corner of Macleay & Challis St next door to the dry cleaners. It attracts a really diverse crowd and is surprisingly unpretentious, considering the area. Due to it's popularity there can be a wait for a table. We arrived, scored a table and ordered coffees. The coffee here is excellent, so much so I ordered another immediately.

The breakfast offerings are extensive and available all day. Museli, eggs, fruit salad, French toast, pancakes, Regular readers are aware that my favourite brekkie dish to order is eggs benedict - this is a dish I can never replicate at home, so it only seems appropriate to order it when out. But today, I couldn't go past the house specialty - Croque Madame. This is of French origin and is a ham, cheese & tomato sandwich, dipped in egg and then grilled, topped with a fried egg and Bechamel sauce. My breakfast buddy ordered the eggs benedict.

I was intrigued by this dish and learnt that 'croquer' in French means crunch. There is another variation to this dish, Croque Monsieur, which is the same dish without the egg on top. I'm not sure I would order it again but it was great to try it.

The service was excellent - the Manager was friendly and appeared at just the right time to take orders, clear plates etc. It's a busy little place, locals stand on the pavement waiting for their takeaway coffees, so it can get a little claustrophobic if you are sitting outside.

La Buvette - 35 Challis St, Potts Point -(02) 9358 5113


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