Monday, October 30, 2006

Opera Bar, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House

Opera Bar, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House
Monday 30 October, 2006

Tonight we were off to see an STC play 'Woman in Mind' at the Opera House. Our usual haunt beforehand is the Opera Bar. I had recently learnt that Matt Moran (ARIA) acquired the food outlets of the Opera House and installed one of his chefs in Opera Bar to fix it up and the inside word is.....there is a lot of work to do.

The Opera Bar website describes their dining experience as,

"Opera Bar offers a contemporary dining concept for Sydneysiders and Sydney Opera House patrons alike. At Opera Bar we do not take reservations so simply arrive at your convenience, choose a table, then order and pay for both food and beverage at the bar. Our professional and friendly staff will then serve your food straight to your table. Lunch or dinner - there's no need to wait for the bill."

For a Monday night Opera Bar was packed - the summer season has definitely started! Heading to a 6.30pm play, we had limited time to eat however Opera Bar can accommodate. I ordered my usual, Beer battered flathead fillets with chips & tartare sauce and their suggested matched wine - 06 Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.

There's no denying that Opera Bar offers one of the best views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and all the action on Sydney Harbour. It's wonderful place to confirm that we live in the best city in the world. I love it.

The food? Well, let's just say your Opera Bar experience is not about the food (yet) - it's primarily about the view, atmosphere and proximity to the Opera House. I have noticed that the Opera Bar menu has changed (not sure if this is a direct result of the ARIA influence or just the change in season).

The service? Very average, the staff seem to enjoy working there more for the fact they will 'be discovered'. If they focused less on this and more on making the customer experience enjoyable they could be on a winner. Our waiter did not mutter two words to us as he placed our meals in front of us.

There's no denying this venue has potential.

Opera Bar - Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House - (02) 9247 1666


Blogger aficionado said...

matt moran and peter sullivan have owned opera bar for many years now. the menu at every good restaurant/cafe changes seasonally to reflect the best produce available. indeed, opera bar is not about the food as aria is. you'd be hard pressed to find a fine dining bar/cafe. the reason why matt moran does not publicise his ownership of opera bar as much is because it was never meant to be categorised with other restaurants such as aria, quay, bennelong etc. for the sake of having correct facts simon sandall was the head chef at aria from its opening in 1999. he no longer wanted to work with us and resigned last month, matt moran instead placing him at the head of opera events with ben (ex-sous chef at aria) returning to work at his side.

2:16 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Hi aficionado,
Thanks for your comment - I appreciate you sharing your inside info. I can only go on what the staff at Opera Bar shared with me (which as you discovered is not 100% accurate).
Truth be told I love Opera Bar which is why I keep going back...

8:54 am  

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