Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fox Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Fox Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Tuesday 14 November, 2006

Tonight was my oldest school friend's (aka partner in crime) birthday so there really was no decision to make as to where the celebration would take place. Bring on the Grandmother's beancurd and Wasabi beef......code for Golden Century.

It's pretty sad that we order the same thing every time we visit and even sadder that the staff know us there. However, I actually like that and I am a creature of habit so it suits me to a tee.

Celebrating a birthday at Golden Century is hilarious as they have a pre-recorded 'Happy Birthday' that they blare over the speakers and invite all your fellow diners to singalong. The funny part is that the recording is so bad they have turned it down where the name is inserted and everyone goes quiet as they don't know the person's name! It all adds to the experience. I had done the right thing and pre-warned my birthday buddy that this would take place so she could prepare herself in advance (however, nothing can prepare you for this).

Tonight we ordered a feast of:

- San choy bow
- Wasabi beef (cubed)
- Grandmother's beancurd
- Salt & pepper tofu
- Peking duck (pancakes & noodles)

Let me say this was a feast! We had way too much food but the best thing was I scored the leftovers (that will be lunch for the next 2 days!).

Fox Golden Century is part of the Golden Century family - the flagship restaurant is located in Chinatown and they also own the City Noodle Cafe at Star City and the Noodle Bar in the Entertainment Quarter. As their website states,

"Another associate restaurant, the Fox Golden Century Seafood Restaurant located in Entertainment Quarter, open in November 1999. The restaurant embrace the traditional Cantonese food served by Golden Century Seafood Restaurant. There's no noisy rabble blocking the doorway waiting for a table, the decor is modern, the seats comfortable and the parking free. You're at the Golden Century in Entertainment Quarter, offspring of one of Chinatown's most famous restaurants.

Signature Dish:

Steamed barramundi with chilli and black bean sauce
Wasabi Beef (Fox Golden Century Only)

To answer the big question, yes, the food is almost as good as the original, in a more relaxed environment. This means pure Cantonese cooking featuring a huge choice of live seafood cooked in many ways - although steamed with ginger and shallots is the purest and the best. Try the steamed oysters, scallops or prawns for starters and go on to morwong, mud crab or XO spiced pippis.

The menu is encyclopedic with a page of vegetarian dishes, barbecue meats, hotpots, regional specialties, hard to find gems like duck steamed with mushrooms and simple dishes such as salt and pepper deep fried beancurd, squid or white bait. There's a choice of Chinese grain wines and warmed Shoa Hsing is especially good."

I have been visiting Golden Century for so long and I still forget to validate my parking! It's only $6 to park after 6pm but the restaurant will get you in for free. When will I learn?

I love this place.

Fox Golden Century - Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park - (02) 9358 4488



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