Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Napoli in Bocca, Parramatta Road, Leichhardt

Napoli in Bocca, Parramatta Road, Leichhardt
Tuesday 21 November, 2006

I have a soft spot for Napoli in Bocca in Haberfield. About 18 months ago I did a pizza making class with owner Ben Riccio organised by Gourmet Safaris. It was here that one of regular dinner buddies and I decided on a whim to book our Gourmet Safari to Vietnam.

Since then I have craved the simple, authentic, Italian pizzas that Napoli in Bocca are known for. This afternoon I decided to call and make a booking just in case (sometimes they get really, really busy) and lucky I did - they have moved from Haberfield to Leichhardt. OK thanks for sharing that. The Haberfield location has been gutted and the Leichhardt site is almost a mirror image with exposed brick walls, red & white check tablecloths, wooden chairs & tables and chalkboards dotted throughout the dining space listing the daily specials.

It's a casual, family, BYO atmosphere - Ben's extended and adopted family run the place and they treat everyone like family, so there lot's a laughter and chatter. Tonight I was introducing my dinner buddies to Napoli in Bocca. They had never been or experienced simple, authentic, Italian pizzas.

The key here is simplicity - in Australia we have grown up with thick base pizzas topped with everything but the kitchen sink. When you finally experience authentic Italian pizza you can't go back. Their minimal toppings using the freshest ingredients are sensational.

We decided to splash out and order three pizzas:

Fungi - cheese, tomato and mushroom
4 Formaggio - cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese
Spugnazzio - tomato, cheese, ham & salami

We also ordered a tomato, bocconcini and basil salad. The salad arrived first, followed by the pizzas in quick succession. Napoli in Bocci have a fabulous, traditional pizza oven that burns so hot it can churn out a pizza in under two minutes flat.

It's definitely a cheap eats kind of place (each pizza is under $20) with a diverse crowd all seeking good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Napoli in Bocca - 435 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt - (02) 9569 5824


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