Sunday, November 19, 2006

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Peel Street, Kirribilli

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Peel Street, Kirribilli
Sunday 19 November, 2006

The Squadron is a family favourite - we meet here regularly with extended family and friends for casual BBQ's. This afternoon we were catching up with long time friends, their children and friends who have moved here from the UK.

The location is spectacular - right on the Harbour in what must be prime real estate. The history of the club is extensive,

"The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron is a private Member Sailing Club established in 1862. The Squadron grounds, facilities and services are provided for the enjoyment and utilisation of Members and invited guests in their company. The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron is not open to the general public."

The aim of the club is to promote the sport of sailing and the view from the main club house is across the stunning sailing boats that are moored in the Harbour below. This afternoon we enjoyed a casual BBQ on the lower deck however there is a private dining area and buffet restaurant upstairs.

My favourite part of the club is the wine cellar - it has a sandstone wall and the interior is floor to ceiling wine racks with space for approx. 20 people. The club's collection is extensive.

The BBQ area allows you to select your meat, fish, chicken or sausages and cook your own at the large gas BBQ's. Just alongside this is a fabulous buffet section with fresh salads - green, mixed, greek, pumpkin, potato - the list goes on and everything is delicious.

We enjoyed a relaxed BBQ, the weather was superb and we watched the sailors return from their day on the Harbour.

What a spectacular way to finish the weekend.

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron - 33 Peel Street, Kirribilli - (02) 99557171


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Squadron is for toffee nosed filthy rich liberal voting snobs. You can live in a flat in Kirribilli but – unless you endure a waiting list, have a &&^t load of money or know someone in the know – you can't get in. Neighbours (who would love “a casual BBQ on the lower deck”) can merely endure the endless stream of bloody Volvo’s and Mercedes as they flitter into their "private" carpark. Not to mention lost taxi drivers who jam-up Peel Street. Give yourselves an uppercut!

8:12 pm  
Blogger Steph said...

Hi anonymous,
Thanks for taking the time to comment - I welcome your views and am surprised a sailing club has caused you so much angst! I would love to invite you to join me next time I visit so that you can see how unpretentious this club is. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

8:49 am  
Anonymous Warren & Melissa said...

Hi Steph,

Please invite us too! My wife and I live across the road from the club (22 Peel St) and would love to see what it's like inside!!

Warren & Melissa

9:44 am  

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