Friday, January 26, 2007

Fox & Lion, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Fox & Lion, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Friday 26 January, 2007

Australia Day...and what better way to celebrate than to catch up with friends at the pub. Today, we all met up at the Fox & Lion located in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park. It was a happening little place as the markets were on, there was soccer game at Aussie Stadium later that night and also a concert (The Killers) at the Hordern Pavillion.

The Fox & Lion is a relaxed place and very family friendly. We grabbed a large table outside in the beer garden under shade. After we ordered drinks at the bar and settled back to enjoy the atmosphere our hunger got the better of us. There are menus on each table that offer a range of burgers, steaks, salads etc.

You order and pay at the bar before receiving a table number. You also collect your cutlery, napkins, condiments etc at the bar. I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel and chips which came with a choice of mushroom or peppercorn sauce. Peppercorn please.

My lunch buddies ordered the fish of the day (barramundi), beef burger, lamb souvlaki, green salad and another chicken schnitzel. Within 20 minutes our meals arrived all together and they were enormous. The schnitzel was at least double the size you would expect and came served with plenty of chips and good serve of peppercorn sauce. Everyone's meals were huge ensuring we didn't go hungary.

The chicken schnitzel was very good - the chicken was tender and the schnitzel was golden. The chips were thin, stringy and limp but covered in peppercorn sauce were average at best. After lunch we made the mistake of ordering coffees - terrible. The coffee was bland, luke warm and too milky for my liking.

During lunch we were entertained by three roving actors. One dressed as a convict and two dressed as British captains. They had us in hysterics with their banter.

Around 3pm the staff fired up the BBQ outside to start the sausage sizzle. The smell of the Aussie BBQ was sensational.

Fox & Lion Hotel - Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park - (02) 9380 7020


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