Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lenotre High Tea, Phillip St, Sydney

Lenotre High Tea, Phillip St, Sydney
Saturday 19 May, 2007

Oh the decadence! Today, the divas of cuisine met in the lovely surrounds of the Sofitel Wentworth to experience the Lentore High Tea.
I've been very fortunate to experience this twice before - 14 April and 29 April and I rate it highly.
It seems the word as spread. The Lounge Bar know has several tables flowing out into the foyer to accommodate the crowd. Each time I have visited the Lounge Bar has been near empty but today it was almost filled to capacity.
We ordered coffee/tea and did a double take as three of the female staff looked so similar - triplets? This occupied our attention until we realised that they weren't. The staff were pleasant but not on the ball - coffee/ tea orders were forgotten, one tray arrived and we waited a good 10 mins for the next to come. There were plenty of staff around but they were unaware of what was happening.
Our coffee/ tea arrived and one of the divas dropped the line that the sugar bowl looked like a sugar quarry as all the sugar cubes were non-uniform blocks that looked like they had been chipped off a large slab.
When they finally did arrive our blue/ orange tiered trays consisted of:
- Cone au Chocolat - A rich dark chocolate cone filled with luscious berries and served with cream
- Macaronades - Macaroons made of soft almond meringue filled with fresh raspberries and lemon curd
- Tarte au Citron - The classic French lemon tart, sweet pastry filled with almond and lemon cream, topped with lemon meringue
- Opéra - Chocolate pastry with layers of almond biscuit, decadent chocolate ganache with coffee butter cream and topped with gold leaf
- Camaïeu - Layers of chocolate sponge flavoured with marzipan in between layers of dark and milk chocolate mousse topped with ivory Chantilly cream
- Ambiance - Layers of vanilla Bavarian cream, with fruits of the forest jelly and caramelized hazelnuts
- Scones Jam & Cream - Traditionally baked scones with homemade jam and cream
- Assorted Finger Sandwiches
- Mariage Frêres Tea & Vittoria Espresso Coffee
It's great sharing this with friends as everyone has a different view of what is delicious and what isn't. The divas of cuisine really enjoyed the Ambiance and although I wouldn't normally opt for this dessert - it was sensational. The vanilla Bavarian cream was so light and very more-ish - the layer of jelly added a lovely sweetness. However, the chocoholic in me leans towards the Opéra....the layers of richness.
I do believe this is currently the best High Tea offering in Sydney. BUT they have to improve their level of service. Why is this always the case????? Come on Sydney - step up!
Lenotre High Tea, Sofitel Wentworth - 61-101 Phillip St, Sydney - (02) 9228 9104


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