Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thelma & Louise, Hayes St, Neutral Bay

Thelma & Louise, Hayes St, Neutral Bay
Wednesday 23 May, 2007

On such a stunning Sydney day there was only one place to be...near the water. Thelma & Louise is located right over the water beside the ferry wharf in Neutral Bay.
During the week it's an isolated spot with a handful of locals walking past to catch the ferry or meet the bus. Over the weekend there's far more activity.
Today, we arrived for an early lunch in preparation for our holidays - me to China and lunch buddy to Greece. Thelma & Louise is so relaxed and feels like you are walking into a friends home - the eclectic mix of wall hangings, magazines to read, mix matched chairs and ceramics on display. We secured a table in the bay window and within an hour the place was so busy that there were no free tables. Locals/ business people were milling around on the pavement waiting patiently.
We were served water and had menus delivered. The menu is lean offering 3-4 main meals and 3-4 lighter options. We decided to share one of the daily specials - Atlantic salmon fillet with sliced potatoes and steamed asparagus - and one of the menu items - Spaghetti with seafood (mussels, vongole, prawns) in chilli sauce.
The service is a little slow and reminiscent of my last visit however the food is really good. We shared both main meals and the staff were ver y accommodating providing two side plates so that we could divvy up the food. The atlantic salmon was light with a crispy, bordering on toasted, base. The vegetables were fabulous - the potatoes were sliced in 0.5cm rounds and the asparagus was so fresh and green- and drizzled with a creamy sauce. The spaghetti was also very good - served in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with an abundance of seafood.
We were impressed and decided to stay a little longer to enjoy a coffee and plate of Lebanese treats - baclava, shortbreads and turkish delight. We definitely did not need these treats but felt we needed something sweet with our coffee.
Thelma & Louise is a local cafe with charm. The staff mean well and work the tiny dining space with the best of intentions. The food is great and I stick to my earlier recommendation that it is a great place for a long lunch.
Thelma and Louise - Shop 1/1, Hayes St, Neutral Bay - T: 9953 7754


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