Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bitton Gourmet, Copeland St, Alexandria

Bitton Gourmet, Copeland St, Alexandria
Saturday 14 July, 2007

Isn't this a find? After reading a short article in the Sunday Telegraph about David Bitton and his gourmet range I was keen to try brunch at Bitton Gourmet. Especially as their aim is five star food at café prices. I'm not that familiar with Alexandria other than knowing it is the factory outlet capital of Australia.
This morning Bitton Gourmet was packed to the rafters with a diverse crowd and plenty of kids (it also houses a kids play area). I walked through the 4 different dining areas and couldn't find an available space so returned to the coffee bar to wait for my brunch buddy. Shortly afterwards a young staff member explained that there was a waiting list for tables and there were 3 parties ahead of us. No problem I was happy to browse and suss out the mini emporium.
David Bitton was also on hand and checked that I had been taken care of. With his lovely accent and endearing manner he is the host with the most. It didn't take long for a table to become available and David thanked me for waiting as I past through the kitchen to the tiled dining space. I had literally sat down when another waiter appeared to welcome me and take my coffee order. The service here is really attentive and warm and if I lived down the road it would be my local.
My brunch buddy arrived and we ordered coffees and received a large bottle of water and tumblers. Coffee can be ordered in different sizes and our mugs of coffee went down a treat on this fresh and chilly day. For brunch our decision was really difficult as everything sounded fabulous. After careful consideration I ordered the French omelet (truffle and goat’s cheese) served with turkish bread and spicy tomato sauce and my brunch buddy ordered the One pan bacon and eggs with turkish bread.
We had a fair wait (it was super busy) however the food was excellent. My omelet came on a large plate with 3 slices of turkish and a shot glass of spicy sauce that was rich, red and delicious. The omelet oozed goats cheese and was so creamy - I couldn't get enough of it. Equally, my brunch buddy raved about her one pan bacon and eggs that came to the table in a small black pan.
So, do they live up to their aim? Absolutely - nothing is over $17 on the breakfast or lunch menu. I'll be back.

Bitton Gourmet - 37 Copeland St, Alexandria - (02) 9519 5111


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, the Bitton baked beans are just out of this world, worth visiting just to experience these ;)

2:33 pm  

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