Monday, July 09, 2007

Sydney Dance Cafe, Walsh Bay

Sydney Dance Cafe, Pier 4 Wharf, Walsh Bay
Monday 9 July, 2007

Tonight we were off to see Dead Caesar written by Chris Taylor and starring Andrew Hansen (from the Chaser team). We had arranged to meet at the dodgy Chinese on Hickson Rd beforehand for a quick bite. When I arrived it was completely full and there was a waiting list......what the!?@
Not to be deterred we decided to go across the road to the Sydney Dance Cafe. This was our old haunt before the theatre and we've also had some hits and misses there too. I was pleasantly surprised tonight to learn they have revamped somewhat to include a flat screen TV near the counter that doubles as the menu. The decor hasn't change though - the exposed beams and rustic look still dominates.
The Sydney Dance Cafe was once a cheap & cheerful alternative and is now a more established cafe offering meals that range from $14 - $25 each. What hasn't changed is the queuing and paying for your meals at the counter. Fortunately there weren't too many people around this evening so the queue moved quickly.
After viewing the 12 or so dinner offerings I decided to go with the Pan fried sirloin and garlic mash and my theatre buddy ordered the Salt & pepper calamari. After ordering and paying we were handed a table number to display. Our meals didn't take too long and were impressive. The sirloin looked very good and was cooked to order - medium rare. Even more impressive was that I was provided with a steak knife - previously you received the standard blunt knife & fork set wrapped in a paper napkin.
My sirloin was very thick and deliciously tender - it was pan fried so cooked in its own juices which also soaked into the garlic mash. Yum. My theatre buddy polished off her salt & pepper calamari with ease and commented on the generous pile of food presented on the long rectangle plate.
The fascinating part of dining at the Sydney Dance Cafe is watching the steady stream of dance students walk past. Dressed in some unique, innovative gear it's great value to watch especially as you can hear the music coming the dance studios too. Very entertaining.....
I was impressed with the Sydney Dance Cafe tonight and may consider it before our next STC play.
Sydney Dance Cafe - Pier 4 Wharf, Walsh Bay - (02) 9241


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were at Dead Caesar the same night I was! lol.

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