Friday, July 13, 2007

Saffron Thai, Cnr George & Grosvenor Sts, Sydney

Saffron Thai, Cnr George & Grosvenor Sts, Sydney
Friday 13 July, 2007

Saffron Thai is located inside the Brooklyn Hotel - the local watering hotel for Grosvenor Place employees. There are two eating options here - sitting in the pub (order at the counter) or sitting in the glass conservatory (table service).
I usually opt for the pub but today we decided to book ahead (it was Friday) and sit in the glass conservatory. As it was Friday that place was packed around 12.30pm with the beer garden and front bars full to capacity and buzzing. Fortunately the glass conservatory was a little quieter and we were shown to our table overlooking the beer garden.

Although this section provides table service it is reasonably priced . Meals range from $8 - 18 and include stir fries, curries, and many entree favourites such as fish cakes, satay sticks,
spring rolls and money bags. My lunch buddy and I decided to share a few dishes and ordered:

- Duck pancakes with shallots
- Green chicken curry
- Pad thai

Our duck pancakes arrived first and were presented in long thin pancakes that were rolled not wrapped (like my favourite Chinese pancakes). The pancakes were floury and the duck was lean and they were crunchy with the long slices of cucumber packed inside. Next up, green chicken curry (this was the highlight). Served in a deep bowl with a generous amount of chicken this curry had a kick to reckon with. Spooned over steamed rice it was really good and so spicy that it guaranteed to clear your sinuses after one mouthful. Finally, the pad thai arrived and it was also good, especially with the curry sauce on top.

The table service was ad hoc and inefficient and our waitress turned up with our chilli sauce after we had finished our meals and she had already cleared the table. That said, the food was great and my lunch was so impressed she will be returning next week.
Saffron Thai, Brooklyn Hotel - Cnr George & Grosvenor Sts, Sydney - (02) 9247 6744


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