Monday, July 23, 2007

Briars Inn, Moss Vale Rd, Bowral

Briars Inn, Moss Vale Rd, Bowral
Monday 23 July, 2007

Waking on this glorious, sunny morning you could be forgiven for thinking it was over 30 degrees outside. I opened the door to our room and was harshly reminded that it was in fact only 5 degrees - very cold.

Even more amusing was arriving for breakfast at the Briars Inn and discovering they had shipped in snow for a Christmas in July function the night before. The small steps and entrance into the Inn were lined with thick, icy blocks that hadn't melted overnight.

The Briars Inn breakfast is a buffet. Once you provide your room number to the staff on arrival you can sit anywhere. The table set up is a series of small tables and a large share table. There's the cereal table with about 10 different offerings - I always feel compelled to mix my cereals when presented with so many options; the cold section with fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, large bowls of halved apricots and plums; the juice section with a variety of flavours; the bread section with wholemeal, brown, white, thick & thin loaves; the hot section with bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and roasted tomatoes plus tea & coffee.

It's a decent spread and during a leisurely breakfast you can easily manage something from each section. The staff also lay out several copies of the NSW papers that you can borrow. I'm not a fan of percolated coffee so left breakfast each morning craving real coffee but overall was impressed with the Briars Inn breakfast......especially as they stayed open till 10am.

Briars Inn - Moss Vale Rd, Bowral - (02) 4868 3566


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