Sunday, July 15, 2007

Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Golden Century, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Sunday 15 July, 2007

Cheer cheer the red & the white! After watching the Swans demolish Carlton at the SCG we had worked up an appetite for our favourite Chinese. We had planned ahead and actually booked a table earlier that day thinking that it would be busy after the game. It wasn't.

The crazy thing about Golden Century is that you can arrive without a reservation and pretend you do. Before you know it you are whisked in and seated. Of course, I've never done it but I've heard you can.......

We arrived and were directed over to a window table. There were a handful of other Swans supporters inside so I didn't feel the need to remove my red & white scarf. Since my last visit, they have introduced a new menu with pictures - kind of like the Asian restaurants overseas do to attract the western diners. It's tacky but Golden Century is not about the decor - it's all about the food.

To begin we decided to order Chicken & sweet corn soup. For $5 of bowl it was huge and was a meal in itself. It was incredibly tasty and so big that we struggled to finish it before our next dishes arrived:

- Salt & pepper calamari
- Wasabi beef
- Fried rice

We requested some super hot chilli sauce to go with the salt & pepper calamari. This was sensational and gave the extra kick required. The calamari was served in large, long pieces instead of the usual bite size offerings.

The wasabi beef was good but they had gone overboard on the wasabi. So much so that each mouthful ended in tears. We were determined to eat it and gave the sinuses a massive work out. If anyone didn't know what we were eating they might think we were crying over our meal!

After struggling to finish everything we asked for the leftovers to be packed in takeaway containers - they were happy to oblige. Shortly afterwards we were served a complimentary plate of watermelon - delicious.

Fox Golden Century - Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park - (02) 9358 4488


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