Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Glebe Point Diner, Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe

Glebe Point Diner, Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe
Wednesday 18 July, 2007

I first experienced this fab find two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. So, tonight when we were looking for a Glebe venue to celebrate a friends promotion. It was a no brainer for me........Glebe Point Diner.

We had an early booking and were warmly greeted by the engaging, relaxed staff. They move effortlessly between the tables, picking up an empty glass here, topping up water glasses there - you really feel like you are at a friend's house.

Since my last visit they have added an extra blackboard listing where all the produce is sourced e.g. Jewfish from Bermagui and Chicken from Camden. I think this is a great touch.

After ordering wine and enjoying the cosy atmosphere on this freezing evening we were given the run through of the menu. I am always so impressed by staff who share that little extra. For example, when the chook was being explained to us our waiter could have been playing charades as he explained the fact that oregano was rubbed underneath skin before it was roasted.

Everything on the menu sounded great but I couldn't go past the chicken liver pate for entree while my dinner buddies ordered the Fennel, pear and parmesan salad and Squid with chilli. The meals were presented simply and all looked incredibly inviting. I loved every mouthful of the pate, it was rich and a generous dollop was served. As good as it was I struggled to finish it towards the end. The salad was refreshing and light and the squid was well spiced.

The small dining space filled quickly as did the bench seats that you cannot reserve. A few people arrived and were turned away so I guess after all the media and word of mouth.....Glebe Point Diner has arrived.

For mains one of my dinner buddies and I ordered the roast organic pork loin with apple sauce and savoy cabbage. It was a generous serve and contained two great pieces of crackling. We were like kids in a candy store - I love crackling. The pork was so tender and the cabbage was crunchy. Our other dinner buddy ordered the jewfish and enjoyed the accompanying deep fried vegetables and spuds but found the fish a little salty.

At this point I was full and there was no way I could eat anything further. My dinner buddies ordered the baked custard with cumquat's which was truly sensational. I couldn't help myself and enjoyed a few mouthfuls of this dessert. Being a chocolate girl I would never typically order a dessert like that but after trying it - I'm sold.

Glebe Point Diner is a great experience - the staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, the food is simple with great flavour and the wine list is good - I'm loving the Mount Benson Shiraz. Another glass please....

Glebe Point Diner - 407 Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe - (02) 9660 2646


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