Saturday, September 01, 2007

Concrete, Harris St, Pyrmont

Concrete, Harris St, Pyrmont
Saturday 1 September, 2007

I had received mixed reviews about Concrete but had driven past so many times that I was keen to try it for myself. I arrived as the rain came down and I was so confused that I couldn't find the entrance - was it on Harris St, in the lane way behind or up the side? To disguise my confusion I opted to sit outside under the awning. My brunch buddy arrived and we laughed as I relayed my confusion.....the entrance is on Harris St and looks a little like a large window.
The decor at Concrete is well..concrete. Exposed concrete floors and walls with large windows at the side that open out to bring the outdoors inside. There is a public walkway that goes from Harris St through the outdoor section of Concrete however on this wet Saturday morning it was relatively quiet. Within moments of sitting down our friendly waiter arrived and asked if we like to order coffees. Yes please!
There was a specials board on display and our waiter described these beautifully. After delivering our coffees she walked us through each one and happily answered our questions about the breakfast menu. When asked for her opinion she shared her thoughts on each breakfast offering with ease and helped us make our decision.
I opted for the breakfast special - Three cheese scrambled eggs on turkish with a side of bacon and my brunch buddy ordered the Italian eggs with tomato and crispy potatoes. Our coffees arrived and I have to say I was a little disappointed - they were luke warm and weak. That said, they certainly hit the spot and we ordered more after breakfast requesting them really, really hot.
Our breakfast arrived and we were impressed at how large the servings were. Each plate was enormous and the meals looked so delicious. My eggs were piled high on turkish with large chunks of cheese melted throughout. My brunch buddy's eggs were laid high on turkish with layers of crispy bacon and tomato and a ring of crispy potatoes around the outside of the plate. We both thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast - my three cheese eggs were seriously good and each mouthful revealed a different cheese, gorgonzola or cheddar. I was in cheese heaven!
We sat outside chatting away, watched the weather fine up and the lunchtime crowd arrive. I've read and heard mixed reviews about Concrete and our experience today was really good, so I would definitely return.
Concrete - 224 Harris St, Pyrmont - (02) 9518 9523


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