Sunday, November 11, 2007

Delante, Waters Rd, Neutral Bay
Sunday 11 November, 2007

Is this the best breakfast in Sydney? For my money it is. Delante is a local gem located in Neutral Bay. The last time I visited Delante I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast and was wowed. Today's experience was no different.

As a neighbourhood cafe/ deli Delante is a relaxed place. Locals stroll in and are more than happy to wait on the pavement for a table to become available. We strolled up at just the right time with one table spare...outside. This was just what we were after - there are only a handful of tables on the sidewalk and the weather was perfect.

The staff seemed to have changed hands again and were a little green e.g. wobbly hands with the coffee and clearing plates before both of us had finished. We ordered coffees straight off the bat and were not disappointed - they were sensational. So, much so that I had to order another after breakfast. For breakfast I took my breakfast buddies suggestion...again and went with his order - Blue swimmer crab scrambled eggs with potato rosti, spinach leaves in balsamic and a side of sausage & bacon. Bring it on!

After a short-ish wait during which we got to enjoy our coffees our breakfast was delivered to another table - oops! This was annoying more than anything and they were promptly retrieved and given to their rightful The presentation was superb and we couldn't look at them a second longer.

The taste? Truly magnificent. The softness of the eggs embedded with blue swimmer crab was outstanding and I want the serving to be never ending (just like tim tams). However, my eyes were bigger than my belly and by the time I had eaten my way through the sausages, bacon, potato rosti and spinach leaves I only managed to eat about 75% of my eggs. This was a blessing for my breakfast buddy who happily finished them off.

I could easily swing by Delante every weekend for breakfast.

Delante - Shop 1/12 Waters Rd, Neutral Bay - (02) 9953 1789


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