Friday, November 09, 2007

Bar Milazzo, Bridge St, Sydney

Bar Milazzo, Bridge St, Sydney
Friday 9 November, 2007

The last time I visited Bar Milazzo I had gripes about the service (nothing new there). Bar Milazzo has a great corner location on Bridge St that offers plenty of outdoor dining under large canvas umbrellas.
We arrived to find the staff casually leaning against the long bar deep in conversation i.e. they had no intention of welcoming any lunchtime patrons. I find this unacceptable in a city cafe - it's Friday lunchtime and you have guests wanting to spend their money. We chose a table and looked around for menus or a menu board. There were specials outlined on a menu board but we couldn't see any menus. Just as we were about to jump up and grab some from the bar a staff member appeared and provided them to us. Our friendly staff member welcomed us and seemed oblivious to the fact we had been there for 10 minutes already.
Our waiter had left the menus open at the light lunch and mains page which was odd considering there were starters/ entrees on the previous page. We decided to order some garlic bread to share while we looked over the menus. The meals are varied in style and also in price ranging from $14 - $30. They offer a selection of salads, fish, burgers, risotto etc and all a step up from your typical cafe fare.
I decided to go with the salt & pepper calamari salad and my lunch buddy ordered the chicken & fruit salad - yes, that's correct.....chicken and fruit salad. The garlic bread was delicious and generously dripping in butter and when our mains arrived we were impressed. The portions were huge and each salad was piled high on a round plate. My salt & pepper calamari was good and the salad underneath was doused in a lemon & herb mayonnaise - a little too much for my liking. My lunch buddy really enjoyed the chicken and fruit salad and commented on how well it worked....who would have thought?
The place had filled up since we first sat down and we wondered how the two floor staff were going to cover it after our experience. After trying to flag down someone to get our bill we decided to go directly to the bar and pay.
The food was good, service bad and I could only recommend this if you are not watching your time.
Bar Milazzo - 21 Bridge Street, Sydney - (02) 9252 7355


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