Saturday, March 04, 2006

Melt Gourmet Pizza Bar, Military Rd, Neutral Bay

Melt Gourmet Pizza Bar, Military Rd, Neutral Bay
Saturday 4 March, 2006

I've been fan of this place for a while. Gourmet pizza is a broad term however the team at Melt have got it all sorted. Even though they offer free local delivery I decided to go up there and see what happens on site. In their shoe box size premises they churn out an impressive number of pizzas each evening. The phone just doesn't stop ringing and there is a queue out the door, mainly from the Oaks, who have stumbled across for the pizza.

The staff are incredibly friendly, the phone calls are answered with an enthusiastic welcome by the young, very cool staff. There's a production line of staff who are constantly preparing the pizza bases - all with a smile on their face.

They display their pizza philosophy proudly, 'all of our pizzas are created with a thin base using the highest quality protein enriched flour and are topped with premium mozzarella cheese. Out toppings are fresh and prepared daily on our premises using home made marinades and high quality cuts of meat, fresh seafood and vegetables. What does all this mean? That our pizzas not only taste great but are healthier, while being lower in fat and you can enjoy our pizzas more often.'

There's about 4 bar stools in the entrance space and a selection of magazines to read while you wait. I ordered a medium sausage duo - chorizo and italian sausage with roasted capsicum and caramelised onions for $15.

The other pizza offerings include smoked ham, proscuitto, morroccan lamb, sweet BBQ chicken, pesto chicken, garlic prawns, roma tomatoes and roast pumpkin from a list of 25 or so gourmet selections. They also offer calzones, salads and gelato.

Back home, the pizza was still warm and tasted sensational - the capsicum and onion were sweeter in taste and really compliment the chorizo and italian sausage. The best thing? The medium pizza is a decent size so I've got leftovers for tomorrow.

Melt Gourmet Pizza Bar - 9/120 Military Rd, Neutral Bay - (02) 9908 3344


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