Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Simply Noodles, King Street, Newtown

Simply Noodles, King Street, Newtown
Wednesday 22 November, 2006

Looking for somewhere different to eat (we have done Cinque to death) this clean, slick looking noodle joint is appealing. Just a hop, skip & a jump from DENDY Newtown is Simply Noodles.

On entry you are greeted with wooden paneled walls, white low stools and tables. To the right is a large menu board with photos and a complete list of everything that is made to order. It is very reasonable and everything is less than $15.

The restaurant blurb states,

"This noodle bar is all clean lines and modern touches, while the kitchen output is fresh, delicious and healthy. There's a wide range of vegetarian meals plus delicacies such as a roast duck and salted vegie noodle soup."

I ordered the spicy tofu & pork mince served with steamed rice. The photo reminded me of my absolute favourite Chinese dish Grandmother's beancurd. My dinner buddies ordered the chicken with cashews & vegetables and the singapore noodles. All were made to order and delivered separately.

After ordering & paying at the counter you are handed a buzzer. There's also a serving area with lots of condiments, for example, hot chilli sauce, chopped chillis, soy sauce etc.

My spicy tofu & pork mince was delicious - it had a great kick to it. The tofu was served in large, diced pieces and the pork was minced but also in large pieces. It definitely had the same consistency as Grandmother's beancurd but was surprisingly different. The soft tofu just melts in your mouth.

Simply Noodles is cheap & cheerful. I think we may have found a new venue to go before the movies. Speaking of which, we watched 'Catch a fire' tonight and were treated to a post movie discussion with director, Phillip Noyce.

Simply Noodles - 273 King Street, Newtown - (02) 9557 4453


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