Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Simply Noodles, King St, Newtown

Simply Noodles, King St, Newtown
Wednesday 28 February, 2007
My movie buddy and I are back in Newtown each Wednesday for our Movies 101 course with Andrew Urban.
Because I am such a creature of habit I gravitated back to what I know - somewhere cheap & cheerful and close to DENDY cinemas. Simply Noodles delivers.
The staff have changed since my last visit and are friendly in their approach i.e. when they are not eating themselves! Tonight I arrived and discovered the kitchen and counter staff enjoying an early dinner. It took a moment for them to realise they had a paying customer, but when they did they were on to it.
To confirm for you that I am overwhelmingly a creature of habit I ordered the only dish I have ever ordered there (and I've eaten there about 5 times) - spicy tofu & pork mince. For $11 it's awesome value. Just as I remembered it was delicious and had a great kick to it. The tofu was served in large, diced pieces and the pork was minced but also in large pieces. It definitely has the same consistency as Grandmother's beancurd but is surprisingly different. The soft tofu just melted in my mouth but tonight's serving was so big there was no way I could finish it.
My movie buddy ordered a selection of spring rolls and dim sum that came with it's own steamed basket. We both enjoyed our meals - the atmosphere is relaxed with a mix of eat in and takeaway customers - we' ve never had trouble getting a table. The decor is white and it's clean. If you are after a quick bite this is a great option.
Our movie tonight.....The Notorious Bettie Page - a biopic of the 1950's pin up girl.
Simply Noodles - 273 King Street, Newtown - (02) 9557 4453


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