Monday, March 05, 2007

Belgian Beer Cafe, Harrington St, The Rocks

Belgian Beer Cafe, Harrington St, The Rocks
Monday 5 March, 2007

I came here for lunch a week or two ago and had a surprisingly good experience. Prior to that I hadn't visited for almost 12 months. You know how you go through cycles of visiting a place to death? Well, I had reached that with this place. My last visit (excluding a week or so ago) was in March 2006 for dinner.

Today, my lunch buddy and I met at 12.30pm inside the reception area. I love the heritage look and feel of the place and it's a shame they haven't done more with this - e.g. provide some history on the back of the menus.

We were seated on the side of the main dining space - it was already buzzing as the noise carries. I knew what I wanted to eat but still enjoyed reading the lengthy menu that starts with,

The menus feature traditional Belgian Bistro favourites like "Moules-frites", mussels served with chips, and "Waterzooi a la Ghentoise", a typical chicken stew. Many of the dishes are prepared with beer as a main ingredient.

Although I am well aware that the mussels are the house speciality I've yet to be tempted to order day. However I do like their useful tip provided on the menu,

Hint: Keep the shell from the first mussel you eat and use this as your pincher for the rest of the dish. So please... NO KNIVES AND FORKS. Our mussels are always of prime eating quality, however, in July and August they may have a slightly different taste because it is their spawning season.

Today I had an overwhelming desire to increase my iron intake, so ordered the Char grilled Beef Rib Eye (350 Grams) served with roasted rosemary & garlic potatoes and Bearnaise sauce for $26.50. My lunch buddy ordered the same thing. We also requested that the meat be cooked medium rare and on the rarer side. Our waitress took this to the kitchen and returned a short time later. The chef was more than happy to prepare the meat this way as this was the truest form of medium rare. I wasn't aware of this but it was nice that he sent the message back to us.

Well, I can confidently say that they delivered - the meat was cooked to perfection and I enjoyed every did my lunch buddy.

Belgian Beer Cafe - 135 Harrington St, The Rocks - (02) 9241 1775


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