Thursday, March 01, 2007

Paddington Bowling Club, Quarry St, Paddington

Paddington Bowling Club, Quarry St, Paddington

Thursday 1 March, 2007

At the end of Day One of our team conference we were invited to jump in cabs & head over to Paddington Bowling Club. Barefoot bowling was the afternoon activity followed by an Aussie BBQ prepared by the Quarry Bistro.

The promotional blurb from Clubs NSW states,

Forget clubs and pubs — lawn bowls is where the action is! Paddo Bowlo is one of Sydney’s hottest meeting places for inner-city singles. It’s a quirky venue for birthdays, hens and bucks parties and corporate events. You don’t need to be a member of the club to play unless you live within a five-kilometre radius. The restaurant will deliver food to your table on the green.

On arrival I was amazed by the sight of guys & girls in rolled up suit pants walking barefoot across the green. The place was packed and it was 4.30pm on a Thursday - don't these people work? We were invited to lanes 12 & 13 on the rear bowling green to meet our instructor. She talked us through the rules, split us into 4 teams, coached us and kept score. All the while we enjoyed some gourmet nibbles and drinks. The platters of food awaiting us consisted of fresh rice paper rolls, mushroom frittatas, spring rolls and lamb skewers. It was just what we needed to give us the get up & go to bowl.

After laughing our way through several games and awarding the winning team (congrats Team Numero Uno) we migrated back indoors to the private room. Located past the bar and up some stairs this room has chocolate carpet, white walls and groovy light fittings. It's prefect for a team activity or event.

As we entered there was another large table set up that still had the used plates and left over food from another group. It would have been nice to have this cleared away before we entered.

On a large buffet table we were provided with large platters of salad, lamb chops, sausage rissoles and chicken fillets. It was a casual evening and a fun way to finish off a long day. The staff were occasionally attentive - it came in waves - at times they were on top of things and arrived to clear the table but most of the time they stayed in theme with the entire club....laid back.

I'd definitely return for an afternoon of bowls.

Paddington Bowling Club - 2 Quarry St, Paddington - (02) 9363 1150


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