Saturday, March 03, 2007

Next Cafe, Darling St, Rozelle

Next Cafe, Darling St, Rozelle
Saturday 3 March, 2007
This morning I was catching up with a Balmain buddy for brekkie. Next Cafe is a light, airy place with a relaxed vibe, so much so that the staff spend most of their time talking with each other and not much time focusing on their bread & butter.....the customers!
We arrived at 9.30am this morning and found a table at the front on the sidewalk. It was at least 10 mins before anyone realised we had arrived and might want to order coffee. When a staff member did finally appear they did not meet your eyes when they spoke - it was really odd but consistent amongst all the staff. We ordered coffees and waited.
The menu offers a variety of breakfast options ranging from porridge, eggs, toast and fruit salad. In my quest to find the best eggs benedict around I contemplated ordering this but then spotted the 'Eggs Benenext' - a variation on eggs benedict. This consisted of two poached eggs on thick cut toast with tomato relish, country ham and drizzled with hollandaise. My brekkie buddy ordered scrambled eggs and bacon with spinach.
There was a constant stream of breakfast seekers at Cafe Next but it didn't appear over crowded. Our coffees arrived first followed shortly afterwards by breakfast. My breakfast was pretty good - the thick cut toast was perfect to soak up the drizzled hollandaise and the poached eggs were perfect but the ham was not cooked so tasted cold and soggy. The coffee was pretty good, not sensational and we did order a second round.
I'm sure there are better cafes in Rozelle - if you know of one let me know.
Next Cafe - 618 Darling St, Rozelle - (02) 9555 5418


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