Thursday, November 23, 2006

Amo Roma, George Street, The Rocks

Amo Roma, George Street, The Rocks
Thursday 23 November, 2006

Organising a lunch with a large group of people can be a challenge. For the organiser (especially in an organisation where the simple RSVP is a difficult concept to understand) it is tough to have the card signed, present purchased and get numbers right etc.

So, today we had a farewell lunch and a table for 10 - trouble was there were 17 guests. We squeezed ourselves in as best we could. We asked the staff for assistance and were met with several different responses - can't help you sorry, every table is booked, we can only provide you with more chairs, we can move you upstairs in 15 minutes etc. Ever accommodating we stayed put and ordered.

Amo Roma is an interesting place. You enter off George St or via the Nurses Walk laneway. It's beautiful, old sandstone exterior is just charming however inside they have created a slick, modern looking space - glass splashbacks, wooden floorboards, state of the art flat screen TV's on the walls (playing Channel V videoclips with no sound - instead we were entertained by bizarre monk like chanting and soft Italian background music) and glass tables with large numbers painted on top.

The menu is largely Italian - pastas, pizzas and salads. Three of us decided to share two large pizzas and a salad:

- Amo roma: tomato, mozzarella, italian salami, ham, capsicum, mushroom & smoked cheese
- Mexicana: tomato, mozzarella, capsicum, ground beef, onion, fresh chilli & tomato salsa
- Caprese salad: bocconcini, roma tomato, basil leaves, onions, capers & lemon pesto dressing

Everything was really good - the pizza base was thin & the toppings were fresh. Without a doubt my favourite was the Amo roma - the kick from the salami with the mozzarella & smoked cheese was delicious.

The service however leaves alot to be desired - if they sorted this out it would actually be a solid experience.

Amo Roma - 135 George Street, The Rocks - (02) 9247 1920


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