Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cargo Bar, The Promenade, King St Wharf

Cargo Bar, The Promenade, King St Wharf
Tuesday 13 March, 2007

Where do you take three Danish girls for dinner after a visit to the Aquarium? For me there was only one choice..........Cargo Bar. I have only been to Denmark once in my life (and I thoroughly enjoyed it) but it was obvious to me that the outdoor culture doesn't exist in the same way it does here (primarily because of the weather). So, having taken the girls to Opera Bar earlier today and now Cargo Bar they were starting to see a pattern in how Australian's live.
We initially sat in the beer garden area downstairs where we enjoyed a drink and considered their menu. Cargo Bar has a variety of food offerings ranging from starters (calamari and chunky fries) and pizzas to salads and mains (pork ribs, schnitzels and burgers). The Danish girls shared with me that had two food goals in Australia:
1) try Vegemite
2) eat Kangaroo
The pizza menu could assist us with one of these goals. They offer a Kangaroo, sweet potato & wild rocket pizza. We ordered & paid at the bar and were handed a table number. Within 15 mins a staff member delivered us a Tandoori chicken, mint yoghurt & mango chutney, lime & black pepper pizza. What the!@? We politely explained that we hadn't ordered this pizza and the staff member apologised and explained it would take another 15 mins. No problem - we had time.
Our pizza arrived and the Danish girls eagerly looked it over. It smelt like lamb and looked like thin strips of lamb but tasted a little more chewy. It was actually quite tasty and the girls polished off their slices with glee. An Australian food goal had been achieved!
A short time later a large group from Sydney Uni began setting up for a ski themed function so we were informed that if we wanted to stay we would have to relocate upstairs. The upstairs crowd was more 'suits' than Uni students and we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.
Overall, a great afternoon.
Cargo Bar - The Promenade, King St Wharf - (02) 9262 1777


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