Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Opera Bar, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House

Opera Bar, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House
Tuesday 13 March, 2007

Today I was showing three lovely Danish girls around the city. We did a guided tour of the Opera House (fantastic and as a local I enjoyed it just as much as a tourist) and I even learnt a thing or two. Did you know that the organ in the Concert hall took 10 years to build and two years to tune? I was also fascinated by the exhibit of Max Dupain photographs on display in the foyer of the Playhouse and Drama Theatre that showcase the construction of the Opera House during the 1960's.

After walking the 200+ stairs of the Opera House we decided lunch was the go. The last time I visited Opera Bar was for dinner so today it was the perfect lunch venue to show of our sensational Harbour. The girls were overwhelmed by the view - Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city skyline - and it was timely reminder for me that I live in the best city on earth. Sydney is the place to be.

We ordered wine and sat soaking up the atmosphere. The lunch menu at Opera Bar offers a variety of meals and but our needs were pretty simple:

2 x Fusilli pasta with kalamamta olives, oregano, Persian feta and shaved parmesan

2 x Beer battered flathead fillets with chips & tartare sauce

The staff at Opera Bar are aloof and appear detached and superior. I just don't get this. If I worked at Opera Bar and was lucky enough to soak up that atmosphere every day I'd be in a sensational mood. Instead you have staff who appear to have just woken up or have just arrived home after a big night out. With a large number of visitors and locals passing through the area it would be great to see engaging, enthusiastic staff at Opera Bar...........at least once!

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our lunch as the location is a winner. The food is average but you are not going there for the food. It's all about the location.

Opera Bar - Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House - (02) 9247 1666



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