Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fine Fish, Grosvenor Lane, Neutral Bay

Fine Fish, Grosvenor Lane, Neutral Bay
Thursday 6 September, 2007
After a long day working from home due to APEC (the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation) summit I had to get some fresh air. I ventured across Military Road to the chaos of Grosvenor Lane. Within a minute I was reminded why I rarely come here - everyone is impatient and it's impossible to park.
After my 5th lap around the car park I finally secured a park. Fine Fish backs onto the car park amongst the small boutique shops and Woolworths. For a first time visitor Fine Fish looks impressive with its exposed concrete floors and large blackboard highlighting their philosophy and dine in/ takeaway menus. As they only opened in March - everything looks new and fresh. The long display case leads through to an open kitchen and to a staircase which takes you to the first floor and the dining room.
When I arrived there was no-one behind the counter and two customers standing around. I walked up to the cash register and waited. About 5 minutes later a cook poked his head around and asked if I wanted to place an order. Interesting they often find people just standing there aimlessly? I asked for some grilled fish and crumbed calamari. He explained that I couldn't have that. OK then....what can I have? Only what is listed on the board and no variation. That meant....a grilled fish, salad and chips combo for $16.90. If I wanted calamari I could order a 10 pack only. WOW - talk about inflexible.
I decided to forgo the calamari and stick to their combo. What I could specify was the fish - Atlantic Salmon please. A short time later a staff member arrived at the front counter and resumed taking orders and then another staff member appeared from the back office to discuss some remuneration issues. Not only was this completely inappropriate but there was a growing group of take away customers waiting to place their orders. If I had just arrived I would have walked straight back out.
My order came up and to be honest I pleased to get out of there. I didn't have a good feeling about this place but to be fair the food was OK. The salmon was served in a large tray with thin chips and fresh salad. The chips were average but the salad was excellent - a good mix of greens, cucumber and tomato. The salmon was a little undercooked for me but still very nice with a crisp skin.
The old adage 'first impressions count' could not be more true here. I have no desire to return to Fine Fish.
Fine Fish - 75 Grosvenor Lane, Neutral Bay - (02) 9908 4448


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