Friday, September 07, 2007

Radio Cairo, Spofforth St, Cremorne

Radio Cairo, Spofforth St, Cremorne
Friday 7 September, 2007

After a marathon day at the movies I met a local buddy for dinner at Radio Cairo. Located just opposite the Cremorne Orpheum, Radio Cairo is a local institution consistently delivering fabulous African inspired food.

We didn't have a reservation so were seated at one of the high tables at the window. This was ideal as we had a great spot for people watching outside and for checking out the cute waiters inside. Radio Cairo is BYO - very convenient given there is a bottle shop across the road. The decor is mostly panelled wood within the two room dining space. There is also seating at the bar. There are loud, African themed decorations on the walls which add to the quirky nature of the place.

Our friendly waiters delivered us a large bottle of water and took our order:

- Spicy crocodile wings (bright orange, chargrilled and messy but worth the trouble)

- Lamb skewers (tender meat marinated in a sweet, current baste)

- Octopus curry (thick cinnamon infused sauce with large pieces of octopus)

- Tiger prawn salad (large prawns with the tails on and a smoky BBQ flavour)

When the two entrees arrived i.e. crocodile wings and lamb skewers our friendly waiter delivered a bowl of water with lemon for our greasy fingers. The crocodile wings were delicious, spicy and fiddly but my local buddy and I decided to jump right in and use our hands. This was far more effective than using a knife and fork. The lamb skewers were a challenge to pull off the skewer but the meat was decadently good with the sweetness from the currents.

We polished off our entrees with ease and joked with the staff about not enjoying our food at all. He laughed and mentioned how often they hear that here. Our mains arrived and we commended ourselves on our choices plus the small cous cous. The sauce from the octopus curry was outstanding with the cous cous and we added the tiger prawns into the mix which created a lovely smokey taste.

By the time we had finished our meals we both agreed that Radio Cairo is one of the best local restaurants around.

Radio Cairo - 83 Spofforth St, Cremorne - (02) 9908 2649


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